The fundamentals of NLP

Discover and explore the fundamental tools for communication and change at the Ressources Institute, accredited and certified NLPNL since 1986. "Excellent opportunity of putting order in the pieces of the puzzle I already had that were either dispersed or inconsistent (...) I learned much more on the human being than throughout the whole duration of my studies (...) This 4-day workshop allowed me to lift certain barriers and to understand that my way of communicating is not always adequate (..) Excellent training, comprehensive, didactic and friendly. Enables for a very interesting approach of NLP and surprises as to the fields opened up by this approach."

A four-day journey to discover and experience throughout the lively hands-on workshop, the fundamental skills used by great communicators, as modeled by dialogue with by honing our sensory acuity and posture 

  • How to decode the verbal and non-verbal language of those we
  • How to improve rapport and understanding by developping our speech 
  • How to gather precise information by using specific questions
  • How to unlock success by defining goals and what to factor in How to adapt to a changing world by developping flexibility in behavior and thinking processes 
  • How to install ressourceful states by using one of the first and most behavior and thinking processes powerful change management tools of NLP: Anchoring

Also, we will discover the map concept, and how we create our reality. And how others create theirs. And how (and why!) it is hardly ever the same. And we will learn to explore other ways of seeing our territory. You will come away having learnt to communicate more efficiently, with more integrity and allowing yourself the gift of generating more options. 

This training is certified by the NLPNL Association

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